Dark Mode Theme for Realme Devices (ColorOS 6)

Dark mode theme realme

Most of realme smartphone users always keep looking for dark theme for there phone to customize their devices. Because 90% people doesn’t like ColorOS Light UI.
So, in this post, we are going to share with you Dark Mode Theme for Any Realme (ColorOS 6) Devices which will completely change look and feel of your device.

Below we have put up the download link of theme file. You can easily get the themes from there. If you love customizing your device, then you will like this one for sure.

What’s Modified? :

  • Icons
  • Notification Panel
  • Settings
  • Dialer
  • Messages
  • File Manager
  • Whatsapp
  • And Much More Things

Apply Dark Mode Theme for Realme Devices

Step 1 – Download Theme File (Use Chrome Browser to Download).

Step 2 – Open that theme file with File Manager App.

Step 3 – Click on “Try Now”.

Step 4 – Reboot Your Phone.

Step 5 – Again Apply that Theme using File Manager App.

Step 6 – Now Don’t Reboot Your Phone. And That’s it.

Note : If You Reboot your phone, You have to again Apply theme to get dark mode.

Some Problems and Their Solution

Getting Buy Now or Stop Trial Pop-up?
Click on Buy Now, Press Back Button or Home Button and Clear App Data of Theme Store and Force Stop. That’s It.

Dark Mode Theme for Realme Download Links

Note : This Theme Does Not Work on Latest ColorOS Update. Download and Try it to Check That This Theme is Working or Not on Your Device.

Video Tutorial

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