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5 minute trial

Most of realme smartphone users always keep looking for themes for their phone to customize their devices. Because 80% people doesn’t like User Interface of ColorOS.
But If we apply any third party theme on our device. We got a Buy Now or Stop Trial Popup which really irritate us.

So, we modified our themes and finnaly fixed 5 Minute Trial Error. You have to follow some steps to make those themes permanent.
So in this post, we are going to share with you that How Can You Fix 5 Minute Trial Error after Using a Third Party Theme.

This Trick Works on :

How To Fix 5 Minute Trial Popup

Minimum Theme Store version 6.4.2 Required.

Step 1 – Go to Theme Store >> My Themes then Apply Default Theme

Step 2 – Download Theme File (Link will be found in the theme video description).

Step 3 – Open File Manager and Delete ColorOS Folder

Step 4 – Clear App Data of Theme Store App and Force Stop.

Step 5 – Now Open File Manager app and open that theme file which you downloaded from theme video.

Step 6 – Click on “Try Now” and Apply Theme.

Step 7 – Now Again Open File Manager and Delete ColorOS Folder

Step 8 – Reboot Your Phone

Step 9 – Now Open Theme Store App and Download “Starry” theme.

Note : Don’t Click on Apply after Downloading Starry Theme. You have to just Download it. Do not Apply Starry Theme.

Step 10 – That’s it.

Video Tutorial

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