RedmiBook Registered on Indian Government Website, Coming to India This Year?

Xiaomi’s Redmi sub-brand makes some amazing smartphones and brings them to India at an amazing price, but there are many products that Xiaomi and its sub-brand manufactures that never turn out to be India and many other countries, for example Xiaomi makes shoes, bags, laptops and much more, but they’ve never been launched in India, but RedmiBook has been registered with the Indian government today. Continue reading this article to know more.

Xiaomi filled out a RedmiBook trademark application in India with the wordmark “RedmiBook” and the proprietor as “Xiaomi Inc” and the registration number is “4158961,” giving us a clear idea of what this product could be, going by the name of Xiaomi’s most popular RedmiBook series of laptops listed on the Indian government website.

It doesn’t take long for the companies to launch the products soon in India after the listings appear on the Indian government website, as we saw Xiaomi trademarking multiple devices and launching them soon, so as a result this could be launched soon in India.

Currently the new laptops in this series include the RedmiBook 14, which comes in three variants ranging in the processor and graphics card, all three models featuring a 14-inch FHD+ display, have a similar design to Apple’s MacBook Air. It features a 1 x USB 2.0 port, 2 x USB 3.0 port, 1 x HDMI port, 1 x Power Supply Port, and 1 x LED battery indicator on a USB-C cable, but sports 3 x USB-A ports instead. The laptop is pretty slim and easy to use and has dimensions of 323mm x 228mm x 17.95 mm, runs on Windows 10 and is fitted with a 45W battery and a 65W charger.

The location where the three models vary is in terms of performance and storage space, the base version of RedmiBook 14 sports 8 GB of RAM with Intel Core i5-8265U processor with 2 GB NVIDA MX250 GPU and 256 GB of storage space, the next model sports in the same 8 GB RAM and Intel Core i5-8265U Chipset + 2 GB NVIDA MX250 GPU but comes with 512 GB of internal storage space, the top of the line.

In hopes of seeing Xiaomi launch these laptops in India soon, as they offer some decent specifications and come at a decent price, but as the laptop market is currently heating up a lot in India, Xiaomi will postpone the launch for a while.

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