YouTube Ad Blocker For Android – No Root


YouTube Ad Blocker For Android – No Root

YouTube App is the most popular video sharing service. You can watch billions of minutes of Audio and video content for free from any supported device with active internet connectivity.

YouTube has millions of monthly active users and a very powerful system to convert visitors into money. To earn money Google sells Ads on YouTube via AdSense Ad-Network. They Ads may be disturbing for many peoples. YouTube shows a number of Ads to users ranging from video ads to sponsorship cards and banner ads.

The ads which you saw on YouTube, they are so important for the content creators to create more awesome videos, Because Every YouTuber create video to earn some money from ads and If ads will not display on their videos then how can they earn?

Google (Adsense) serves interest based Ads which are less intrusive and irritating in nature. Google also has an aggressive mode of advertising and when they are injected during video play it is surely going to irk the users. Though for the desktop you can block ads using AdBlock extension there is no such provision for Mobile App.

Today i will Tell you a couple of ways to block Ads on YouTube App for android without Root.

YouTube Ad Blocker for Android

Here are the Best Ad-Blocking Apps for YouTube App to remove all Annoying Adverts without Root.

1. YouTube Vanced

YouTube Vanced is a YouTube App with all the features offered by subscription-based YouTube with powerful features like the same core UI and app design with Video and Audio Downloader directly to device storage with multiple resolution support.

The app includes all the main functions of the original YouTube app, which will give you the YT Premium app for Android. You can sign in with your Google Account and also synchronize your data with existing accounts and data to keep your information safe.

Features of iYTBP

  • Block all ads (togglable)
  • Background Playback
  • Force VP9 (or HDR) or vice versa
  • Override Maximal Resolution
  • Pinch to Zoom (for all devices)
  • Casting Togglable (can be forced off)
  • Toggle Themes (Black, Dark, White, Blue, Pink)
  • PiP – Picture in Picture mode (Oreo only)
  • Auto Repeat Feature
  • Preferred Speed and Resolution

Note: To login with Google Account you need to download an additional APK file named microG (∼3MB). While logging in Click you will be redirected to mirror website to download the microG App. Download and install the microG. Just keep it on your device. Open the YouTube Vanced and enjoy the features.

2. NewPipe

NewPipe is a freeware open source lightweight YouTube app. It has a frontend YouTube interface. The best part about this App is that you can run it without any Google API or the irritating google play services.

In fact, the NewPipe app simply collects the URL source of YT websites and displays it as an app. But this app can prove to be very powerful if you have low-end Android phone.

Features of NewPipe App

  • It can run without Google Play Services
  • You can set and change the quality of video play.
  • Download any video and audio at various different resolutions.
  • You can also play the video as a Pop-up box for multitasking
  • You can Play the video in the background.
  • Lightweight and consumes low storage space and RAM

3. OGYouTube | Mod AdBlocker YouTube

The OGYouTube app is a Forked version of the original YouTube app with AdBlocker, Direct Download Link, Background Video Play, Dark Mode, Pop-up Window and more. OGYouTube has the same UI as the YouTube app with some added features.

The app includes all the main functions of the original YouTube app, which will connect you to the modern YouTube app for Android. You can sign in with your Google Account and also synchronize your data with existing accounts and data to keep your information safe.

Features of OGYouTube App

  • Functionality and UI is basically the same as the official YouTube App.
  • You can download videos directly from the Mod App with the desired quality. It also has the feature of multiple videos downloading.
  • No Need of Root
  • You can play YouTube videos in the background
  • This App is ad-free so you can relax and watch your favourite content without much disturbance.
  • You can reduce the video to take a small portion of your screen so that you do other stuff on your device.
  • You can use YouTube Dark Mode on your Android Device.
  • Support Android 4.4+ and app is highly stable.
  • Run Parallel with Default YouTube App

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4. AdClear

AdClear is a non-root ad filtering app developed by XDA developers. It creates VPNs to filter your traffic before reaching the web or in the app. It also filters encrypted ads. Adclear is able to stop all types of intrusive and non-intrusive ads on all apps.

Features of AdClear

  • Blocks Encrypted Ads
  • Works with Wi-Fi and Data Connection
  • Blocks Ads In Apps
  • Selective App Filtering
  • Support For Multiple Browsers
  • Works Without Root
  • Log of Blocked Ads

5. Free Adblocker Browser

This is a browser with the basic purpose of blocking ads. Free Adblocker Browser is developed by Rocketshield Inc. The browser is designed with a perception to erase only web ads and other intruders. With this browser, you can gain ad-free web experience and enjoy faster and safer browsing. The browser is capable of blocking all types of ads that include, but are not limited to banners, video ads and pop-ups, text ads, and many. It blocks all ads on YouTube, but you need to play YouTube in this browser.

Blocking ads will save data and privacy will increase. They will also help to optimize the batteries. You can browse safely and fast. If you are looking for one Ad Block Browser for Android then I recommend you go with Adblocker Browser.

Wrapping Up

With the above apps, you can block ads on YouTube with direct app installation or with the help of 3rd party add blockers.

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